Beauty Diet for Skin Regeneration

Beauty products, no matter how natural and useful, are not enough to keep your skin elastic and youthful. You need an approach from the inside. Remember that skin is a defense against the aggressive actions of the environment. Skin is the first barrier to infection. It synthesizes vitamin D. To properly cope with the heavy responsibilities, skin should be nourished from within.


Body Cleansing

Along with the liver, intestines and kidneys, skin is responsible for the processes of removing body toxins, especially if these organs do not function properly. To get rid of toxins, it is necessary to activate the intestines. To improve digestion and cleanse the body of toxins, try a vegetarian diet for two or three weeks. Fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes contain fiber that absorbs toxins like a sponge. Poisons quickly leave the body with fiber.

Avoid Eating Meat

Give up poultry, meat, and fish for a while. Be sure to include fermented liquid products, cheese, eggs into your diet. Quail eggs will be especially helpful.

Water & Skin Beauty

Skin needs moisture. Drinking water saturates the skin. Take into account that the upper layer of the epidermis is a compound that consists of fat and water – a hydrolipid mantle. By the way, moisturizers are aimed at restoring the mantle.

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