People Undergo Plastic Surgery to Acquire the Ivanka Trump Image

People won’t shirk stumping up $50,000 and more in order to imitate Ivanka Trump! After the Melania Trump Makeover fashion, the president’s daughter moves to the forefront of the existing plastic surgery trends.

What makes the businesswoman and scion of the first family so popular? She wasn’t that exciting before the primary, surgeons say. But now her features have become a thing to be replicated and installed instead of one’s own – probably as an attempt to appear as confident and influential as she is.

Tо have the Ivanka face means having large yes with wide cheekbones and a thin nose, and the number of women requesting this kind of look is reported to have been growing since last summer. Now it is competing with the Kylie Jenner look in popularity.

Although most of New Yorkers are inclined to be left-wing, political predilections don’t seem to count in the plastic surgery industry. And why should they?

Ivanka Trump is a woman people have grown to respect whatever her political associations may be, so it’s not really surprising that her facial features have their admirers and followers.

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