Elle Macpherson’s Beauty Secrets


Elle Macpherson, who is in her fifties already, preserves a fantastic slim figure and a young face with virtually no wrinkles. The model says that her inner state it is much more important for her than looks.


Few women in their fifties can boast of such appearance, and Elle Macpherson is well aware that she is a role model for millions of people. She emphasizes that she leads quite an earthly life in which there is a place for stress and quarrels, and family problems. Keeping fit is not a consequence of large expenses on personal trainers, plastic surgery, or unique foods. It is enough to treat your body with love, and it will reciprocate.

Elle Macpherson says when she is stressed, she gives herself 15 minutes to relax, to breathe, to meditate, and do imaging technique. This is usually a very good help. Someone thinks she is torturing herself with diets but it is not so. She has a busy life, she is on the move a lot, and if she does not eat normally, she will just be exhausted. She admits taking nutritional supplements and vitamins and trying alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and reflexology.

Macpherson says she is a pescatarian – she eats vegetarian food and fish. She does not drink, smoke, or do drugs, so what can spoil her health? In fact, it is stress, lack of sleep and excessive loads. However, if you keep these problems under control, everything will be fine. She adds that inner tranquility means much more for her now than appearance.