Christmas Gift by Lady Gaga

Outrageous Lady Gaga has prepared a surprise for her fans and admirers. She said that a Christmas album was being prepared for release.

Lady Gaga at the openning of her shop

Moreover, the star does not sit still. Apparently, she experiences a huge thirst for action. Gaga has recently opened her own mini-center in one of the stores in New York. In its eight departments, you can find anything you want: sweets, some items of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. There is even a small library where you can buy a book.

This is something of a charity shop. The resulting revenue will be donated to the fund helping troublesome teens, which has also been organized by the performer recently. In a recent interview, the lady admitted that she also used to give a half of her earnings to her father, whom she simply adores. Lady Gaga claims that he has always given her great support, so she wants to reward him at least somehow. Family values are very important for the performer.

The singer tries to spend every holiday with her family and friends. On Thanksgiving Day, she went home to visit her relatives and stay in the family for some days. The singer has never concealed the fact that she is very attached to her father. Joe Germanotta helped his daughter to get started in show business. With his help, she began taking the first steps and has become a well-known performer now. Dad hired producers and rented a recording studio for the future singer.