Britney Spears’ Parents Get Together Again

After eight years of a painful break-up, divorce and separation, Britney Spearsparents have drifted together again.

Lynne Bridges and Jamie Spears

Lynne Bridges, 55, and Jamie Spears, 58, in their 27-year marriage (1975 to 2002) begot three children – apart from the world-famous Britney, 28, they have son Bryan, 33, and daughter Jamie Lynn, 19. Their family was further extended by three grandchildren, Britney’s two boys and Jamie Lynn’s girl.

It was GossipCop that first hinted at the couple’s possible reconciliation, reporting that Lynne and James had been on good terms since last summer and were noticed behaving affectionately at the Boudoir Club in L.A. on Saturday.

Now UsMagazine got confirmation from an inside source that they are now together and “it makes sense” as their “bond is strong”. Another source adds that they are still in love with each other and ready to recognize it after all they have been through.

James Spears is still acting as legal conservator of their daughter Britney who is now moving on after her notorious emotional breakdowns two years ago.

Source of the image: Bonciz.

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