5 Modern Inventors – and Their Game-Changing Inventions

Every inventor is a marvel of their time. It’s easy to think that Thomas Edison created something inferior compared to the modern-day inventions we see today, yet, at the time, the creation of the lightbulb was unfathomable. Yes, modern-day inventions have more bells and whistles, but the minds behind them are all the same – truly incredible. Below, we will discuss five modern-day inventors and how their inventions should change the world.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is perhaps one of the most innovative people alive. His concepts have birthed self-landing rockets, self-driving cars, and most recently, he has announced the Musk Electric Jet. There’s a massive focus on climate change at the minute, and it’s no secret that transportation is the biggest contributor.

Elon’s jet is only a dream at present, but his contribution to Tesla’s electric cars is incredible. He is passionate about using sustainable fuels to power the world. Elon is not the only one inspired by electric fuelled air travel. Recently, the all-electric Rolls Royce aircraft took its maiden voyage for a total of 15 minutes.

Angela Spang

Angela Spang has contributed to the healthcare world for 25 years, contributing towards innovative technologies that are changing the way healthcare professionals perform life-changing procedures. Angela recently won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the Galaxy II, an innovative surgical retractor built upon the foundations laid by the Lonestar retractor and others already used in theatres.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Angela has helped create the eVeck colposcopy and the disposable GYN kit. Angela prides herself on creating global strategies and contributing towards the creation of groundbreaking medical equipment.

David Ferrucci

David Ferrucci is one of the lead innovators in the creation of the IMB Watson – a truly remarkable supercomputer with the ability to answer questions. Watson uses artificial intelligence to help businesses predict future outcomes, automate complicated processes, and so much more. Famously, Watson beat two of Jeopardy’s ultimate champions.

Watson was made to be more than a TV star. Since winning the show, the machine has come on leaps and bounds to help businesses globally, although the TV show was a show-stopping event. Sadly, Watson doesn’t have the same capabilities as Google AI and the Cloud.

Ivan Sutherland

Ivan Sutherland was the first man to create virtual reality in 1968. Although the technology was basic when he first invented it, he paved the way for the virtual reality technology we know today. The VR model Ivan created connected to a computer rather than a camera, and it didn’t work like the modern-day virtual reality technology we use. It was a clunky bit of kit that was hard to wear, but the idea was there.

Since then, virtual reality has come along leaps and bounds, with applications in multiple industries. Gaming is the most well-known use of virtual reality headsets, but it can help children with disabilities, flight simulators, and surgical procedures.

Chuck Hull

Chuck Hull is one of the co-founders of 3D Systems. He founded the company in the mid-1980s and not long after produced the first 3D printing system. The technology can print 3D objects using a CAD or digital 3D model to replicate a design or object – replicating it perfectly so it can be used as the original would. The initial 3D printing systems would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – making it a technology only accessible for big business.

However, since then, 3D printers produced by multiple manufacturers are a fraction of the cost. 3D printing technology has uses in manufacturing, healthcare, fashion, and many more.

Modern-day inventors continue to revolutionise the world we live in, pushing the boundaries of what was once inconceivable. If you were to tell your younger self that self-driving cars were around, you’d have laughed. It will be exciting to see how these inventors continue to change the world as the years go on.

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