Increasing Muscle Volume and Nitric Oxide by Using Supplements

Nitric oxide is highly important to the body. It has an impact on heart health and bodybuilding. In addition to this, Nitric oxide reduces inflammation, improves sleep quality, regulates blood pressure, fights off bacteria, and increases endurance/strength. Because of the role it plays in the body, it’s important to always have it in the appropriate amounts. An effective way of achieving this goal is by taking supplements. Just like supplements help with increasing muscle volume and shedding tummy weight, you can increase the levels of nitric oxide in your body by taking supplements. There’s no doubt about that.

Using Supplements to Increase Nitric Oxide and Muscle Mass

Some supplements help to improve the synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. This goes miles in increasing its levels in your body.

Increasing muscle volume and nitric oxide is the desire of most women bodybuilders and athletes. Actually, supplements tailored to boost muscle volume and nitric oxide levels have conventionally been highly popular among many women athletes and bodybuilders. Fitness enthusiasts are currently consuming workout supplements, such as these 10 with L-citrulline and L-arginine to support oxygen and blood flow to the skeletal muscle. Supplements also facilitate the reduction of accumulated exercise-induced lactic acid that causes fatigue.

Since arginine levels reduce during exercise, the arginine-nitric oxide-citrulline loop tends to lose efficiency. Consequently, it causes higher lactate levels and lowers nitric oxide levels. Fortunately, supplements are great at restoring the loop thus allowing better workouts as well as faster recovery.

By increasing nitric oxide levels through taking supplements, you can be able to increase your overall wellness, vitality, and energy.

Citrulline and Arginine – According to studies, these 2 amino acids improve the production of nitric oxide production. The study, published in Journal of Applied Physiology, notes that citrulline and arginine are not only effective at enhancing exercise performance and increasing muscle volume, they’re also great at boosting nitric oxide levels and lowering blood pressure.

Beet Extracts – Studies reveal that beet juice and beets enhance fitness performance in healthy folks at various fitness levels. These extracts also enhance heart function in older women with heart disease and lower blood pressure. You can get these supplements as beet powders or beet juice or as combination supplements that feature a beet extract.

Setria Performance Blend – The setria performance blend is basically a patented combination of glutathione and citrulline. Research published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition established that a combination of citrulline and glutathione improved nitric oxide levels more in comparison to citrulline alone. That explains the rise of popularity of the ingredient in several supplement products, especially for women.

In Summary…

Increased muscle size nitric oxide is a popular fitness goal for most women. While walking into the gym and/or completing an effective strength training routine can be effective, it only yields limited results. Combining your workout routine with supplements offers the needed energy for a workout together with nutrients for boosting nitric oxide levels and aiding muscle growth. Supplements are available in an array of types and brands. All you need to do to land the best is to understand your needs.

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