How To Get A Rounder Butt With Exercises?

Girls often complain that their butt has become too big and ceases to fit in their favorite jeans. However, it happens the other way around when the desired curves are not enough. Buttocks may lose their former elasticity due to improper diet, low physical activity, sudden weight loss, and even changes in hormonal levels. will tell you how to return the lost shape.

A reason to worry

The gluteus maximus is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. First of all, it is responsible for straightening the hips, for example, if you need to get up from a chair or go upstairs. A well-trained gluteus together with the abdominal muscles stabilizes the pelvis. A weak gluteus muscle can lead to lordosis of the sacral spine.

If we do not move enough and keep to a rigid diet, the muscle tone can drop sharply. As a result, reaching the Brazilian ideal butt will become impossible. The same undesirable effect can be observed after childbirth. In this case, the hormones that affect the muscles play a major role. To prevent this from happening or to correct the situation, one will have to turn to workouts.

Not everyone can swing their legs vigorously for a long time, so the best solution is a planned workout. In a gym, you can try walking, squatting, imitation of moving upstairs, and swinging with weights. However, group exercises will be much more effective in this situation.

Group workouts for buttocks

So, what are the most effective workouts if you want to get a more rounded butt?

Core Training

First, pay attention to core training. This is an interval functional exercise, focused primarily on the exercises to work out the core muscles, that is, abdominal muscles and buttocks. After two months of active training, the result will be visible, and after six months you can wear any bikini. In addition, the posture will improve, there will be stability and balance. However, the exercises are rather difficult, so you’ll have to sweat a lot.

Fitness Boxing

Another exercise that strengthens the back of the thighs is fitness boxing. It differs from plain boxing since you are not going to have a real opponent, so there is no danger of getting bruises and concussions. Just like in a nightclub, you will be accompanied by music, and the coach will suggest fighting with water punching bags. 45 minutes – and you can be proud of having reached the end of this training. Then you need to go to the sauna to relax and recover.

Body Ballet

If you are not ready to completely commit yourself to strength training, there is an easier option, but with similar loads. Body ballet is a muscle strengthening system rather than a dance. It is no secret that tiring daily workouts are needed for the ease of pas de deux and battlements. Swinging, balance and dance movements will help to quickly tone the buttocks. The main thing to remember is to follow another rule of dancers and to eat right. Proteins and fiber will do their work, and the good shape will return.


This is the dance that will make you spin and swing without a pause for more than an hour. Salsa is salvation from boredom and flabby buttocks. A typical class includes cheerful music, flirting, and serious physical activity. You can gain energy and tone the figure in a couple of months. The only thing you have to additionally purchase is special dance shoes.


“Infrared pants” is a procedure that can be a valuable addition to group classes. This is a thermotherapy exercise when the body is heated to 38.5 degrees. Infrared radiation penetrates deeply, tones the lymphatic system, returns muscle tone and removes excess water. The procedure is recommended for those who want to work out their butt and those who complain about those extra pounds. After the first session, changes in the buttocks are already felt, as though it were a session of intensive anti-cellulite massage.

All workouts can be used both individually and in mixing directions, so they are not boring and the muscles do not get used to a uniform load.

Home Exercises for a Rounder Butt

Training five days a week is an ideal scenario that will bring you back in shape in three to four months, but few people now have so much time and desire to go to gyms that often. If you want to change, nothing can interfere. Coaches have long developed a set of exercises that can be done at home – to support or even completely replace visiting the gym. The main thing is to be patient and not to postpone workouts.

Each exercise must be performed 15−20 times and more.

Stand on all fours, straighten one leg and swing it up. Keep your buttocks as tight as possible. Change the leg.

Next, stay on your knees. Bend and lift one leg, as though you want to reach the ceiling with your foot. It is important to keep your lower back in a stable position and keep your buttocks tight. Then you need to change the side and continue swinging.

Rise to your feet, set your feet to the width of the hips, squat as if you wanted to sit on a low chair, keep your back straight, with your heels pressed to the floor. Keep your arms stretched up or in front of you. For greater effect, you need to make 3−4 sets including 15−20 squats each.

Next, sit on the floor with a straight back and straight legs. Walk on your buttocks back and forth with your hands pressed to yourself, as if you were on a run.

Do these simple exercises every day – and within three months you will notice the difference. To enhance the effect, try to walk more and go upstairs without an elevator.

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