How to Build Muscle Without Using Weights

Do you often wonder about the best ways to build up your muscles? This is a hot spot for many individuals who would like to improve their athletic ability and general strength. However, it is not something that comes readily to most people. It can be quite frustrating to do all of the things that seem to make the most sense, only to end up struggling and failing.

But, there is hope for people who would like to gain muscle without using weights. Whether you are a man or a woman and regardless of your age, you always have options to attempt to get more muscle definition.

Read on to learn just how you can succeed and improve your muscle tone.

Body Weight Workouts

If you do not have a home gym or easy access to equipment elsewhere, one great option is to do body weight routines. Some of the most popular exercises include squats, lunges, wall sits and burpees. They can become a bit dull, though they really are ideal for getting toned and fit.

You can beat the tedious feeling of doing reps by changing the number of steps in each one. You can start out with 10 pullups, then down to 9, then to 8… and you get the picture. This will keep your mind sharp and allow you to focus on both the physical and mental aspect at the same time, a sure-fire way to stay in the moment and not lose interest too soon.

By doing this, you can save yourself from experiencing muscle fatigue as you reduce the stress on your muscles as the workout goes on.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Same Routine

When we don’t vary up our routine, our muscles soon get used to the workout and stop building. So, if you want to grow your muscles through these exercises, you need to add some variety into your routine. Change up the body parts you work on each day/week and try to perform different exercises each time. For example, if you do legs on Monday, chest on Wednesday and arms on Friday – switch it around the following week. If you find your workouts are getting “easier” – up the intensity. Following these rules will keep your muscles engaged and will help to prevent your body from adjusting to your routine.

Suspension Training

Another way in which you can train with your bodyweight without weights is to use a suspension trainer. This will help you to improve your coordination and strength at the same time. You will be able to train full muscle groups and movement sequences by using this trainer for part of your functional fitness routine. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at this type of training, companies like have developed separate models of their aeroSling product for each level of expertise. If you want to stimulate more muscle coordination, the dynamic suspension trainers may be the best option for you.

Having this at hand means that you virtually have a full gym at your disposal. The best part of all is that this is portable, meaning you can have a workout using the suspension trainer while on vacation, in the office after your business hours, and of course, in your very own home.

Hula Hooping

Yes, that’s right – the activity that you always have thought of as being “just for kids”, actually can be really good for your strength. It burns about 200 calories in a half hour, or 7 calories per minute. You can build up your biceps and abdominal muscles with ease doing this sort of exercise, as well as whole muscle groups, by doing various tricks and dance routines using the hoop. You are sure to enjoy yourself as you build muscle and feel like a child again.

All of these things put together can lead to a totally dynamic exercise regimen for optimal muscle building – all without having to go to the gym or purchase weights or equipment for at-home use. Consider what you can do, and how to switch things up to keep it interesting for the long haul. You will be pleased that you did when you see the amazing results that you can achieve over just a short period of time.

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