Give Your Thighs and Calves Some Love with These Easy Leg Exercises

There are endless reasons for which you would want to have toned, fit legs. For starters, before we get into anything else, let it go on record that it in your best interest to stay healthy at all times. Other than that, you might want to get a head start on the preparations for the upcoming beach season. Or maybe you’re the kind of person that likes to wear shorts a lot. In that case, you’re going to want to get your legs in shape so you won’t feel bad about wearing what you’re most comfortable in.

That being said, we’re going to provide you with some great exercises that do not require any complicated equipment or execution. By doing these exercises regularly, you will see massive progress in terms of having nice, toned, slim and smooth legs. That includes both thighs and calves because they are equally important. Let’s get right into these exercises.

Step ups

This exercise is very simple. You will only require a higher surface to work with. This can either be a specially designed stepper, which you will definitely find at a gym, or something else. If you’re working out from home and don’t have a stepper there, just use a small bench, coffee table, wooden box, or something else. Just make sure it’s something flat and sturdy so you don’t end up with your legs in the air. Sit relatively close to the bench (let’s call it a bench, even though it can be something else) and proceed by placing one leg on top of it. Use the force in your leg to pull yourself up on the platform with the other leg. Now, perform the reverse and use the same first leg to slowly descend back on the ground. After a couple series of this exercise, you can go about your daily routine without feeling bad about not going to the gym.

Calf raise

This exercise is as simple as it is effective. You can do it with no support or equipment, or you can use some form of wall or tall object to use as support for stability. The exercise goes a little like this: Keep your legs apart, about hip width, and raise yourself on your tips. When you reach the pinnacle of the form, squeeze your calves as hard as you can. Keep that high position a while before coming back down. Repeat this exercise a couple of time as well and your calf game is bound to get stronger pronto.

These and other exercises you can find here can help you develop strong legs without a ridiculous amount of effort or commitment in terms of time to the gym. You can do them from home between daily chores.