7 Tips to Build Muscles Fast

Muscle growth is a simple process. However, to start building muscles you need to have some knowledge about human physiology.


Before you go to the gym, you must understand why you go there. In order to build muscles, you need a strategy. If you go to the gym without a pre-defined strategy or you do it just to lift some weight, it is unlikely that you will succeed.

After each workout, you must provide a reason for muscle growth, and for this you need to follow the rules:

1. Do not exercise more than two body parts in one workout

Exercise not more than two parts of the body during a workout. It is a very important principle that will keep your physiological and psychological activity high. Seasoned athletes need to exercise only one part of the body during a workout. Remember this important rule.

2. A workout should not last more than 40 minutes

It is also a very important rule. You should finish your workout within this time because after 40 minutes the concentration and intensity begin to decline sharply. A 40-minute workout maximizes hormonal emission due to its high intensity. After 40 minutes, blood testosterone decreases sharply.

3. Do not make more than 6 sets per muscle group

Each set exhausts your biological resources without which muscle growth is impossible. So take care of your energy.

4. Do 7 to 9 repetitions in a set

This rule is also very important for a successful workout. It will involve the work of the maximum number of muscle fibers.

5. Have a 2-3 minutes’ rest between the exercises

It is important to let your muscles recover before the next set. However, do not forget that each person has an individual rate of recovery. For some people 5 minutes is not enough to recover. Listen to how you feel.

6. Train one muscle group every 4-7 days

After a workout, your muscles form micro fractures, so you feel muscle pain. This means that the muscles start to grow. Let us look at what happens in the muscles after a workout. First 12-24 hours afterwards, your muscles will restore glycogen, which means that the body restores lost energy. Only then muscle fibers begin to grow. Therefore, it is necessary to let the muscles fully recover before the next workout. If you are a beginner or have little experience, then train one muscle group once in four days. If you have more than a year of training behind, then train a single muscle group every 5-7 days. Actually, the larger and stronger your muscles are, the longer they need to recover. Therefore, increase the recovery period gradually.

7. Every 10 weeks, take a week off

To maximize muscle growth, you should take a week off every 10 weeks. During this week, muscles recover. Many people have a fear of workout interruption and losing their shape. However, there is nothing to fear. After a week, you will return to the gym much stronger.

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