6 Steps To Help You Start Playing Competitive Table Tennis

Mastering table tennis is just like mastering any other craft. You need to put in real work and consistent practice in order to become truly remarkable.

Take a look at these six steps to give you a general idea of how to become a great player:

Understand The Basics

If you don’t know how to swim, you won’t throw yourself straight into the mad ocean waves, right? You need to know the basics first, and the same goes for table tennis – make sure you know how to handle you paddle right, you have a good grip on the movement of your feet and understand the different spin moves:

  • Topspin (low to high);
  • Backspin (high to low);
  • Sidespin (left to right or right to left).

You get a massive head start if you fully understand the key mechanisms of the game. This will also allow you to grasp what your biggest weaknesses and strengths are, and work around them.

2. Know How To Answer Each Spin

Once you comprehend each spin type, start working on how to handle your racket to correctly answer each one. For example, if your opponent hits with a backspin, angle the paddle face up and hit it in the center. Knowing how to respond to each move is a must for successfully mastering table tennis.

3. Master The Art Of Serving

Learning how to serve just right is a sure step to take your game skills to the next level. There are quite a few different ways to serve, but when it comes to winning a point and getting the upper hand, short services are perhaps the best, since they make it quite complicated for the opponent to counter-attack. Don’t disregard it – a great service can win you the game!

4. Choose The Right Equipment

Chefs have their high-end ceramic knives, ballerinas have their exclusive pointed shoes, and table tennis players have their rackets and their tables. Investing in the right equipment won’t turn you into a master overnight, but it will definitely help! Take some time to understand what paddle works best for you and what table improves your practice. If you’re still new to all of this and aren’t sure what to start, you can find table tennis reviews at Countersmash.net and other tips online.

5. Join a Tennis Table Club

You already know practice makes perfect, and if you’re really invested in becoming a successful tennis table player, you have to higher your standards as time goes by. Joining a club where you can train with your peers will not only be great practice but will also teach you a lot of things you wouldn’t even begin to think of on your own.

6. Keep It Calm, Cool And Collected

It’s very easy to get frustrated and angry when the first few tries don’t end up the way we expected. But remember, there’s always a good dose of psychological mixed with the physical. Be patient, consistent in your training and don’t let irritation get the best of you!

All of the greats started off knowing absolutely nothing about their craft. What sets them apart from common mortals is their perseverance and rejection of fear. Take these six steps to begin, put in the work, and maybe one day you just might find yourself up there with the big names!

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