Worst Age for Woman's Self-Esteem


old-woman-granny-grandmother-hands-agePsychologists warn that 45 years is a very difficult age in women’s life. Once women reach it, their attractiveness begins to decline sharply in the opinion of the opposite sex.

If life really starts again after 40 years, it concerns men, above all. Everything is much more complicated in the life of the women, approaching the age of 50. Studies show that starting from 46 years ladies do not provoke the same kind of reverent interest in gentlemen as before.

According to polls, many women gain weight, wear glasses and turn gray after 46 years, which undoubtedly has an impact on men’s attitude towards them. Women themselves admit that they are beginning to experience a sharp decline in interest and respect of the opposite sex to their personality. This is manifested in the fact that women notice that their opinions remain unnoticed by their husbands, who are aging more slowly than the women themselves. Other men become less attentive and courteous to them.

Researchers sadly state that by the age of 55 years, most women stop getting compliments from men, and all the admired glances of the male part are addressed exclusively to the women of a younger age.

However, psychologists say that if women are able to take these inevitable physical changes for granted by the age of 60 years, they can once again have confidence in themselves. According to them, women are living longer and look better today than ever, and if the period of re-evaluation that occurs at the age of 40 to 60 years is completed successfully, their self-consciousness does not suffer. On the contrary, it gets increased.