Working Overtime Leads to Excess Weight in Women


Those who work overtime are more prone to weight gain & obesity,claim scientists.

Woman working

American expert from the Center for Health Economics at Monash University, Nicole Au, believes that the women, who regularly stay late at work, are more likely to suffer from excess weight. According to her, working women often do not have the time to do physical exercise or cook healthy meals.

It turns out that 65% of American women, who spend 48 or more hours a week at work, use alcohol more often than 42% of the women, who are working 30 hours a week, and 53% of unemployed women. The obtained data gave the professionals an idea of ​​how the work affected the way of life and health status. The study involved thousands of women who had completely different activities. According to Dr. Au, the effect of gaining extra weight was particularly evident among the women, working overtime. They gained 12% of their weight, and that meant 8 kilos in comparison with the average 69 kilos.