Why Is It Difficult to Wake up Early?


Rising early is a good thing, but many people find it almost impossible. The scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder decided to explain why.


It’s no secret that some of us feel a lot worse in the morning than in the evening: this is due to the inability to fall asleep at night, stress, emotional overload, and psychological problems.

An important role is played by sunlight. It determines the amount of the melatonin hormone, which regulates the body’s circadian rhythms – the period of sleep and wakefulness. About two hours before bedtime, the amount of this hormone in blood sharply increases and then decreases gradually during the night and in the morning. If a person does not go to bed at the time, which is defined by nature, the level of melatonin in the blood after a late wake-up remains high for several hours, and, respectively, one feels tired. This directly indicates that the circadian rhythms of the body are disrupted.

By the way, in order to avoid all these problems, the American scientists advise to go to bed with the sun and spend time outdoors to improve the biorhythm. According to them, the people who get up early in the morning are more positive, happy, healthy, than those who sleep longer.