Why Do Some People Sleep Very Soundly


American somnologists have discovered in the course of their researches why some people sleep so deeply that no amount of noise can wake them up.

Sleeping woman

About this was written in a news review of the recent issue of the journal Science. The researchers suggest that the brain of such lucky people from birth has the so-called noise blocking mechanism. This block system works only when one is asleep.

The experts came to such conclusion after carrying out a magnetic resonance imaging in soundly sleeping volunteers. The MRI showed that their brain during sleep was extremely active in producing specific impulses that prevent them from being conscious of any kind of noise.

In the near future, the scientists are going to undertake a detailed study of noise blocking and the ability of it to be activated artificially, which, according to the authors, promises to be a tremendous breakthrough in modern Somnology and Physiology.

Source of the image: Photl.