Why Can't Women Fight Stress?


All women know that stress is harmful to physical and mental health, but when it comes to the question of how to help themselves, the ladies appear to be at a loss.

Stressful Moment

Such a conclusion was made by a group of scientists from the University of North Carolina, under the guidance of the director of the project “Investigation of Stress” Susan Girdler, PhD. One of the studies showed that the vast majority of women give good advice to their friends in a stressful situation – for example, to take a time-out and to relax on a holiday, to think what to do next. But, being in a similar situation and not getting any help from aside, they cannot make the right decision.

The psychologist of the project, Dr. Alice Domar, states that the results of the tests of women of different ages showed that 89% of ladies cannot understand the needs of the organism by themselves and cannot protect it from stress in a short period of time. However, the common rules of treating the disease are known to almost 95% of women. For example, we need to spend more time outdoors, use the method of deep breathing, do yoga and apply many other methods. Also, the experts recommend to occasionally treat oneself with some tempting products, such as sweets or cakes.

The researchers have found that the first reason for the woman to be unable to understand how to get rid of stress, is in the lack of confidence that this method should bring relief. The second reason is that all knowledge and culture that encourage women to take care of themselves at stressful moments, become blurred and are removed to the background. In addition, the experts believe that many of the methods of managing stress require both physical and psychological efforts, so a woman is subconsciously sure that in this situation she is the one who will not be able to relax and get away.

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