Which Disease Is the Most Dangerous for Women?


UK researchers counted what most women die of. The results surprised even professionals, who are accustomed to think that the main cause of death is cancer.


Earlier studies on the subject pointed to cancer as the most dangerous disease that causes death among British women. However, a study conducted by the British Heart Foundation has led to different results (curiously coinciding with the specialization of this institute). According to new statistics, women in the UK often die of coronary heart disease. Moreover, in recent years the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases between men and women has been almost equal.

Therefore, doctors increasingly appeal to us about taking care of our cardiovascular system in advance. What are the minimum preventive measures in this area? First of all, give up smoking, control your weight. Moderate exercise will only bring benefit. No measures, of course, are a guarantee of your health in the future, but they will save you from many possible misfortunes.