What Does Brow Loss Mean?


Loss of eyebrows is a marker that indicates a serious failure in the body. The reasons are numerous – from stress to being allergic to cosmetics. Geniusbeauty.com has found out what factors can trigger the loss of eyebrows and how to stop this process.


Loss of eyebrows can become an even greater shock than baldness – both for women and men. It may be due to the external factors and the internal factors. In any case, as soon as you notice a problem, you should see a trichologist immediately to determine the causes of what is happening. In severe cases, you may need medical treatment, in other cases it is possible to just use the products for the growth of eyebrows.

Skin diseases

One cannot say that diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, lead to the loss of eyebrows, but they cause inflammation of the skin on the forehead. An involuntary desire to scratch the irritated area indirectly provokes the loss of eyebrows. In this case the eyebrow looks inhomogeneous because the hair follicles are not damaged, and therefore, the eyebrows can grow again.

Infections and moles

Previous infections can also cause the loss of eyebrows. They are able to damage the rods or hair follicles, but they can also lead to the lack of blood circulation, which in turn affects the growth of hair. If there are such neoplasms as moles in the forehead area – both benign and malignant – you may also find yourself at risk.

Allergy to cosmetics

Have you noticed that the skin under the eyebrows reacts to dyes or a pencil with redness and itching? This is the reason for you to visit an allergist: maybe, these products include some ingredients that you are contraindicated. One should not delay solving this problem and should avoid using the mentioned products – there is a chance of staying without eyebrows.

A thyroid disease

Loss of eyebrows can be a symptom of a serious illness. A classic example is the increased or decreased activity of the thyroid gland. As soon as you notice that the tail of your eyebrows has “disappeared” (a clear sign of pathology), go to the doctor immediately: he/she will prescribe some medication. Typically, eyebrows will grow again when the therapy is chosen properly.

Alopecia or baldness

Alopecia – focal or androgenic – can indirectly cause the loss of eyebrows. This happens most frequently when the hair falls out in the area along the forehead. Remember that this disease is characterized by the gradual loss of hair; the skin looks perfectly normal in this case.


Lichen planus may also lead to the destruction of hair follicles, causing temporary or permanent loss of eyebrows. This disease is characterized by an inflammation around each follicle. In severe cases, if the follicles have been completely destroyed, bald spots may appear.


Loss of eyebrows can be caused by any emotional or physiological stress: stress at work and depression.


We treat one thing and cause harm to something else. No matter how unfortunate this may sound. Hormonal contraceptives, chemotherapy, drugs for epilepsy, psoriasis and arthritis may all cause the loss of eyebrows.