Vegetarians Run Less Risk of Developing Certain Types of Cancer


There is a marked difference in contracting some cancer diseases between those who consume meat and those who stick to strict vegetarianism.


The British Journal of Cancer informs us that vegetarians are less susceptible to blood cancer and stomach cancer.

The risk of blood cancer and lymph cancer, including leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, is diminished for them by two. The percentage for multiple myeloma when the bone marrow is inflicted is even less, not rising above 25%.

Eating vegetarian food and fish brings down the risk of stomach cancer by three times; this is hardly surprising since it’s a well-known fact that meat cooked at high temperatures is highly carcinogenic.

Another type of cancer that hits the vegetarians less frequently is bladder cancer.

Unfortunately, the leading types in the death rate – colon and rectum cancer – are not affected by excluding meat from your diet.

The particulars of your diet, scientists say, also affect the virus behind cervical cancer, thus halting or stimulating tumor growth.

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