Too Much Variety Leads To Depression and Selfishness


Never in the history has the mankind had such a diversity as we have today. This variety spans everything, from food choices, TV channels to schools for our children and career options. But while an opportunity to choose is a good thing in general, researchers at the Stanford University found that abundance of choice induces hesitation and can make us unhappy.


People can become crippled by the diversity. We are tortured by uncertainty and keep worrying if we do right things or make right choices. Ultimately, this leaves us disappointed whatever choice we make.

According to psychologists, people facing the abundance of choice tend to worry too much about how their decision will identify them. It takes long for a person to make a choice, but when the choice is made, the person starts worrying again if the decision is right.

Too much variety can also promote selfishness. People start caring more about themselves and focus more on their own preferences, neglecting the needs of society.

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