Sun Lotion Component Causes Endometriosis


The American scientists have reported a possible link between the use of sun lotion that contains an ingredient imitating female sex hormone estrogen and an increased risk of endometriosis.


Endometriosis is a disease in which the cells of the endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus, grow beyond its limits. Professor Kurunthachalam Kannan and his team, whose report has been published in the Environmental Science & Technology Journal, say that some sun lotions and other personal care products include benzophenone, an effective component, which blocks harmful UV rays. A small amount of benzophenone can be absorbed through the skin and then enter the bloodstream, where the component imitates the action of estrogen and has a direct impact on the development of endometriosis, which according to the statistics affects one in ten women of the reproductive age.

The researchers analyzed the levels of benzophenone in the urine of 625 women, who had undergone a surgery for endometriosis. They found that high levels of a benzophenone compound, which is called 2,4 OH-BP, were associated with an increased risk of endometriosis.