Skipping Breakfast Raises Health Risks


Breakfast is the most important of all our daily meals. Australian scientists have reported that we seriously risk our health by regularly skipping breakfast.


Not taking porridge, eggs or at worst a cheese sandwich significantly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and disruption of metabolism, and can lead to obesity and diabetes. Moreover, these pathologies are listed among the main causes of premature death. Scientists from the University of Tasmania disclosed this. They first conducted a study on the long-term effects of morning hunger on health.

More than ten thousand adult Australians participated in the study. Of these, about two thousand regularly skip breakfast. For over 20 years of observations, most of them showed pathological symptoms, which doctors linked with disruption of diet.

According to the Australian Committee on Nutrition, at least 23% of the adult population for whatever reasons does not eat breakfast every day. One in every tenth child goes without morning food. And these figures are constantly rising.

WHO experts say in a breakfast, a person should receive no less than 25% of daily energy needs. But why should the morning diet be as balanced as possible? Nutritionists believe that it is through breakfast that even those who want to be slim can eat fat and carbohydrate foods such as white bread with butter, corn porridge or eggs.

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