Seven Reasons to Visit an Ophthalmologist


Do you know how often one needs to visit an eye doctor? And do you know what bad news can lie in wait for you at the office of an ophthalmologist except worsening of vision? Look at our selection – perhaps we will remind you something important?


You have not checked your eyes and vision for more than a year

Make it a rule to visit an eye specialist once a year. Doctors say that this is sufficient. Such a frequency would allow a doctor see any disease at an early stage. Your vision should also be checked at least once a year.

You often have a headache

One of the reasons for frequent headaches may be problems with the eyes. For example, this may be part of an eyestrain due to a spoiled vision or because of unsuitable spectacles and lenses.

Blurred vision

If you see something blurred, it is a signal that you need to see an eye doctor. Most likely, your vision requires correction.

Your eyes is often watery

Be sure to go to the doctor and find out the reason for this. May be it’s not only a problem with vision but also an eye infection.

Eye pain

Often, dry eyes can accompany this. This is also a sign of infection, such as the so-called eye ticks. Visit an ophthalmologist.

Red eyes

This is exactly a sign of problems with the eye health. Maybe it is just a temporary phenomenon caused by skin sensitivity, but it can also be a symptom of an eye infection. Keep in mind that eye infections are contagious and you can harm your family and loved ones.

Use of new cosmetics

Visit a specialist if you are unsure about any cosmetic product. A new substance for the growth of lashes, new lens, new rim for glasses, or even just a new mascara can all harm your eyes.

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