Partner’s Snoring and Sleep Deprivation


Sharing a bed with a partner who tosses, fidgets and snores during the night makes one’s sweet sleep shorter by as much as 730 hours a year, a study commissioned by Lovetub informs us.

Woman, sleep

The partner of a man or woman who is in the habit of snoring and grunting in their sleep has to stay awake for the average time of two hours per night.

This loss comes up to 730 hours a year and 35,770 hours during the adult life span – meaning we lose out on nearly three and half years of shuteye.

It emerges from the 3,000 people poll that women’s sleep is oftenest disrupted by men’s snoring, whereas what ails men most is women’s tossing about the bed.

40% of the couples polled complained that their partner always tries to take over the whole bed, while 30% spoke of incessant struggles over the possession of the duvet.

Yet practically all of them are ready to put up with troubled sleep in order to maintain proper sex life which is strongly associated with sharing a bed.

The comment from Lovetub accentuated that sleeping in the same bed “isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” because sleeping together and sharing “those intimate moments” make up for the discomfort amply.

Source of the image: Photl.