Non-Fattening Chocolate Created


Scientists from the University of Birmingham have created a low-fat chocolate. They found that fat particles in chocolate can be replaced with water or air.  Combined with water, cocoa butter creates tiny particles which actually compose water-based chocolate. The bar of such chocolate is 60 percent water, but taste testers say that its taste, flavor and texture are identical to a normal chocolate. It even melts at 32-34C, just like traditional chocolate.


Dr Phillip Cox says that air bubbles can be used to reduce fat content in different foods. Scientists are currently being in discussions with manufacturers about ways to introduce a range of super foods including non-fattening mayonnaise and oat meal that keeps you full longer. New mayonnaise contains just 5 percent of fat compared to 65 percent of a regular one.  Super porridge turns into a gel when it comes into contact with acid in the stomach so it takes longer for such porridge to be digested.

Scientists believe their technique will start a new era of healthy super food that would help fight sweeping obesity epidemic.

Actually, water-based chocolate is lower not only in fat, but also in healthy nutrients, antioxidants in particular. But traditional chocolate earned its positive reputation for its antioxidant properties. Water chocolate is also lower in catechins which protect from cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors. Actually, traditional chocolate is higher in catechins than green tea. It has also turned out that the level of these nutrients directly depends on chocolate’s fat content. Low fat bar is not as healthy as you would wish it to be.

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