Noise Kills Europeans


The specialists from the World Health Organization and the European Commission have concluded that noise is ranked second on the list of environmental causes of death and illnesses, while the first position is taken by air pollution. The fact is that the noise increases blood pressure and the level of stress hormones even when we sleep. With time, this can lead to the blockage of blood vessels and a heart attack.

Urban Noise

The experts claim that noise takes away 1,6 million years of healthy life from the Europeans in toto. Annually, 61,000 years are lost because of heart problems which appear after the noise attacks. Sleep disturbances caused by noise deprive the Europeans of 903,000 years. Nervous irritation takes away 587,000 healthy years of the Europeans’ life in a matter of only one calendar year. Apart from that, it brings along 22,000 years of noise in the ears, and robs the students of 45,000 years which could be spent on education.

Source of the image: Thewindowguyinc.