Most Stressful Jobs


Most Stressful JobsDo you often experience a job-related stress? You come back home exhausted and you wished it were Sunday again? Do you think nothing could be harder than your job? American Physiological Association decided to make a list of the most stressful jobs. Top jobs on the list are those many people just dream of getting.

5. Peeple Employed in Service Sector

Those employed in service sector are on the fifth position in the list of the most stressful jobs. Their stress stems from having to be polite and dealing with unhappy customers daily.

4. Baby Sitters

Nurses and baby sitters placed fourth. While this job is inherently difficult, it is not high-paying.

3. Teachers

Teachers placed third. They are exposed to constant stress because they work with specific target audience – children who are pretty difficult to deal with. To cap it all, they have to cope with pressures of parents, students and their management.

2. Creative Jobs

Creative personalities placed second. Movie directors, writers, journalists, painters are not able to separate their work from personal life, and that’s why they find it difficult to rest. Along with overwork, they always need for recognition, which contributes to their stress.

1. Celebrities

Public professions, like showbiz stars, TV hosts and politics are on the top of stressful list. Not only should they look perfect, they are also chased by paparazzi. Add to that their hectic schedule and always being on the road. Movie stars, for example, can be filming on other continents for many months, away from their family and friends.


  1. i bartend @ the busiest club in san diego and can attest to the service industry aspect. although, i would like to include to the list, the most stressful job imaginable… that of a drug dealer!!! it’s not legal, or a real job, but i think we’d all agree on that being the most stressful. goodbye!

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