Men Don't Know Their Own Bodies


Men are traditionally better informed about a variety of devices. For example, they can spend hours fixing something under the hood of the car, feeling quite confident among the abundance of details. However, men understand the components of a car much better than their own anatomy. The survey revealed that for many men their body is a mystery.

A Man Knows His Car Better Than His Own Body

90% of men know what’s under the hood of their car, but not more than 40% are aware of their own physiology, as stated by the Federal Post with reference to the experts from the UK. The survey they conducted involved 1500 people. The reason for the survey was the increase in the incidence of sexually transmitted infections, so the scientists decided to find out whether enough men are aware of how to maintain sexual health.

The leader of the study, Dr Tom Brett, said that almost all the respondents were happy to talk about the internals of their car, and they easily found a dipstick or a radiator in a matter of seconds. But as soon as the doctors began to ask the car owners about their own body, the majority of the respondents blushed and could not tell anything intelligible.

Men on Sexual Health

Brett tells us about the shocking results of the survey. It is hard to believe, but some citizens suggested that the ejaculatory ducts could be located in ears. 20 men recognized the symptoms of dehydration as the symptoms of sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis and gonorrhea. Young people claimed with confidence that sex with one partner could not lead to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), so the use of protective means was not required. Such responses shocked the research group.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction – Men Answer

The doctors experienced no smaller shock after they had got to know the answers of the respondents to the question about the causes of erectile dysfunction.
The answers, in particular, included the following:

  • erection problems are a consequence of heat;
  • they happen because of esting spicy foods;
  • the problem is caused by tight-fitting jeans;
  • erectile dysfunction is provoked by masturbation.

What Causes Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction is the problem of thousands of men around the world, but physicians lament that many of them are not even aware of the reasons for erectile dysfunction. Neither tight pants, nor self-satisfaction are the primary causes of problems with sex. Experts claim that psychological causes could be blamed for it: stress, tension, and lack of self-confidence. In addition, erection problems can point to the necessity of treating the heart.

When the British doctors learned that only 40% of the respondents knew the structure of the male sexual organs, they decided to publish a brochure for men to compensate for the shortage of much needed knowledge (by the way, this knowledge can be found in our Encyclopedia).