How to Get Rid of Scars?


Scientists from New York University found out that local application of adenosine antagonist – the compound, which plays an important role in biochemical processes – can help reduce the size of scars.


The American scientists, whose report was published in FASEB Journal, described adenosine triphosphate as a substance that blocks adenosine receptors and is responsible for energy production in muscles. It can be applied locally – to heal wounds and remove scars.

When skin or tissue is damaged, energy supply to cells is disrupted. The molecules of adenosine triphosphate literally “flow” of them, and then they are transformed into adenosine, which promotes healing. Thick scars in the place of injury appear when the wound has healed, but the increased production of adenosine is continuing.

Bruce Cronstein, MD, says vast scars on the body after surgery, burns, and other injuries alter the quality of human life. The scientists hope that their results will help to create new products that will contribute to the reduction of scarring and other injuries and relieve physical and psychological discomfort of many patients.

By the way, adenosine plays an important role in the stimulation of sleep and suppression of vigor. For example, it is believed that caffeine, which we use to perk up when drowsy, is an antagonist of adenosine