How to Sober up Fast?


Could you imagine a party without drinking? Unfortunately, not everyone can drink without getting drunk, so sobering up may be an actual problem for many.


The intoxicating effect of alcoholic beverages is, in fact, exactly what the drinkers want to experience. Under the influence of alcohol, people feel more at ease, forget about small troubles – such mood is just perfect for a party. However, if you do not know your limits, the behavior becomes less and less adequate, which may cause problems during the party or after it. So sometimes you need time to sober up fast.

Sobering occurs after alcohol is completely withdrawn from the body. This process usually takes a few hours. The more alcohol has been consumed and the stronger it has been, the longer the process lasts. Sobering comes especially slow, if you mix different alcoholic drinks.


In some cases, you do not have the few hours needed for sobering up: the person urgently needs to return to an adequate condition, at least for a little while. In this situation, you may need to know how to sober up quickly. How can this be done?

Nowadays there are many popular ways of sobering up fast. Some of them are more or less effective, and their effect may differ in each individual case. Such methods tend to work for a few hours, after which the person feels intoxicated again.

If you need to sober up quickly for a short term (up to 1 hour), you can do the following things: first, stop drinking, then provoke vomiting, after that drink a cup of strong sweet tea or coffee. Such actions will significantly improve the process of sobering, as well as a cold shower and teeth brushing.

If you have drunk little alcohol, you can do without the above-mentioned. Use reflexology techniques. For example, it is very efficient to massage the ears and feet for quick sobering.


Another method to sober up quickly and return to an adequate state for 1-2 hours goes as follows: stand barefoot on a wet towel thrown on the floor, then start tucking up the towel with your toes until it is fully under your feet. At this point, you should experience short-term sobering.

Another way to help sober up quickly is taking enterosorbents, for example, activated carbon. Drugs accelerating alcohol metabolism are also effective: they are released without a prescription, with the recommended dose of no more than 4 tablets a day.


In case of light intoxication, you can complement these methods and remedies with intense brainwork – it will help ease the narcotic effect of alcohol. The intoxicated person can be asked to solve a few math sums, remember some details of his/her life, keep the conversation going, and so on.

Fast sobering is true salvation when there is an urgent need to remain in the saddle. However, none of these ways of sobering can completely remove alcohol from the body in a short time. Therefore, you should use these techniques only in emergencies. Finally, it is better not to drink alcohol at all.