How to Detect Breast Cancer at Home


British scientists have developed a scanner that allows to detect breast cancer at home. Professor Zhipeng Wu from Manchester University has developed a compact portable scanner that allows women to examine their mammary glands at home.

How to Detect Breast Cancer at Home

The device consists of a cup-shaped detector attached to the breast, even over a bra, and a control panel with a screen. The device scans the breast tissue using radio waves of a certain frequency. Abnormal formations are displayed on the screen with a special color. The new device does not require one to apply a liquid gel on the breast as done in conventional ultrasound mammography.

The inventor is confident that a wide production of the device unit will make it affordable and would allow women at risk to constantly examine themselves at home without assistance.

Many now believe that the device will gain popularity because now women have become active of taking care of their health more than ever.

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