Healthiest Habits for Women after 30


Health is the part of your life to be treasured since childhood, and the sooner you develop healthy habits the more beneficial they will prove to be. Why wait until your body starts sending you signals to take better care of it? Forget about many a problem symptom by shunting your life onto safe tracks. Here are 30 supportive habits you should have embraced before you hit the 30th mark – check them out and see if you’re behind on some of them!


Set your workout preferences

You’ve got to work your body to ensure sound sleep, bright mood and graceful shapes. But, since exercise is to be your lifelong companion, you’ve got to be enjoying it. If you’re not enthusiastic about your workout, you’ll always be tempted to quit. It’s worth your while to look into some workouts you haven’t tried yet to see if you find one after your heart.

Befriend water

Sipping water throughout the day is one of the healthiest habits ever. You keep your body hydrated properly, don’t gain pounds, and keep your spirits up. Wherever you are, have some water handy to regularly take a draught or two.

Shun smoking

In the long run nicotine intake results in the risk of developing lung cancer and possible brain damages. A study of women’s smoking revealed that smoking after 40 can shorten your life by as many as 10 years. Stub out your last cigarette to gain a longer life; it’s possible to do it without putting on flesh.

Stand up and move

The term “sitting disease” was coined to accentuate the link between prolonged sitting and living with excessive weight, diabetes and heart disorder. Studies state that this link doesn’t get broken even if you pay regular visits to the gym! So, if you have to work sitting, take pains to introduce more movement into your working routine.

Discover the most suitable birth control

It’s up to you to decide (consciously) whether you are using birth control or doing without it, and whether an unplanned pregnancy is welcome or not for your family. Any way, it can be worth it to learn about all forms of contraception and choose the best option for yourself.

Keep your drinking in check

Alcohol and abandon go together so often, and there are so many reasons around to indulge: birthdays, holidays, emotionally charged periods in your life, breakups, what not. But there are also quite good reasons to follow the U.S. dietary health guidelines and limit yourself to 7 glasses a week (with 3 the max for one day): immoderate drinking impairs your energy and mood, creates skin flaws, and, if taken much further, threatens with serious health issues up to having strokes and cancer.

Insure your health

You may be in two minds about the Affordable Care Act, but health insurance is something you shouldn’t disregard. Diseases, pregnancies, accidents do happen, and coverages are sure to come in handy in those times. Besides, absence of health insurance at some critical point in people’s lives can prove a fatal omission.

Whatever your body is like, love it

Don’t wait until you get your body in a desired shape to come to terms with it. It may be imperfect from your point of view, yet it serves its purpose well and remains your faithful assistant. Your happiness and health depend a lot on your attitude towards your body.

Meet with friends on a regular basis

Frequent outings with your friends are really great health-wise. You may not be aware of it, but friend dates can burn calories as well as taking the edge off the stress that has built up. No matter how tight your schedule may be, spare some time to update on what’s going on with your friends – beneficial in many ways!

Learn a few healthy dish recipes

It is scientifically proven that the more you enjoy your food the easier it will be to follow your healthy-diet program. Even if you are satisfactorily slim, take care to add some healthy dishes you really like to your kitchen skills.

Make sure that your doctor is someone you like and trust

Every talk with your doctor is a vital exchange of information directly germane to your state of health. Therefore, you ought to feel comfortable around your doctor and free about imparting the required information. Think again whether you can say that about your medico – or you would want to take steps to switch on to another one. You must be sure in their professional qualifications and trust their judgments. Periodical visits to the doctor should be anticipated events, not a bothersome necessity.

Make inquiries into your family health history

It doesn’t make the easiest talk with your parents and grandparents about their and their relatives’ cardiac or mental conditions, but it does have a bearing on your health. You – and your doctor – are entitled to this knowledge so that you both can deal better with any ailment that may assault you in future.

Keep your mind alert

Relaxation and rest don’t necessarily mean that you have to space out. On the contrary, if you manage to stay mindful most of the time, you do a lot of good to your health – like staving off stress, keeping up your mood, and having your brain honed. Teach yourself to be mindful as long as possible (especially at the table).

Schedule periodical health checks

Don’t think that regular visits to your M.D. solve all the issues there may be. Health checks will never come amiss if you intend to be fit and sound. Get a list of necessary health checks and learn how often you should have them.

Have enough sex

Regular orgasms also go to make your life healthier and less stressful. There are good reasons for you to enjoy your sex life to the full, and don’t forget to share your erotic dreams with your partner.

Make sure your sex is safe

You don’t want any of these STDs to spoil your fun between the sheets, aggravate your fertility or get you busy addressing your health issues. Stay on the safe side with rubbers and don’t feel unduly shy to discuss running the relevant tests with your partner.

It’s vitamins in your diet rather than vitamins from pills

There are numerous studies showing that vitamin supplements and multivitamins can be not so innocuous as we are likely to believe. There can be toxic and other harmful consequences. While it’s all right to rely on supplements in some conditions, your main source of minerals and vitamins should be your meals. See that you receive strong vitamin support from your plate, not from your drugstore.

Your mental balance needs attention

Your health and wellbeing as well as your moods and ability to happiness and enjoyment depend on your mental state. Don’t just shrug off mounting stress, sulky bouts and onsets of depression. Seek help if you feel that these issues can grow overwhelming.

Turn down strict diets

When losing weight, take care you do it in a proper, healthy way. If you’re dropping more than two pounds a week, your slimming program may be too drastic and fraught with future health problems. Extreme dieting often means that you’re not getting your normal amount of calories and nutrients – in other words, you may be starving, and thus ruining your body functions. You can be better off going slower.

Spend less time in front of TV

Watching TV constantly is one of the famous ways to increase your waistline. Also, there are studies revealing that it can weaken your relationship. So, there are good reasons not to indulge. And when you really want to see a good film, try to be physically active during the time.

Stop beating yourself up because you let yourself go

OK, you ate what you shouldn’t have to, so what? It is not a good reason to get at yourself – it will get you nowhere but may well jeopardize your slimming plans. If you don’t do it too often, your indulgence may safely be overlooked; some experts even say it is better for your body to break your slimming diet once in a while.

Take care of your heart

The statistics are vicious: the American Heart Association’s poll (together with Women’s Health and Weekend Today) gives out that 40% of women don’t think about their heart at all, whereas 25% die from cardiac related diseases. Consult your practitioner about measures you can take to keep your heart beating away happily, and escape the doom of those 25%.

Minimize the chemical assault

You expose yourself to chemicals many times a day when you apply makeup, gobble down food, color your hair. There is no hard evidence to show that all these chemical additives aggravate your health condition in the long run, yet it’s not the chance you would want to take. Make sure that the products you purchase have mostly natural ingredients.

Make the flu shot a must

If you chose not to get shot when you were younger, it’s high time you got one as you are nearing 30. Besides, it’s not only your concern – you can be sure you won’t pass the flu on to other people. So, there’s no way you can lose, but you can win.

Stay at home if you fell ill

Call in sick if you don’t feel well. 80% admitted they don’t – but that means they’re spreading the disease, as likely as not. Taken in a large perspective, nobody benefits by it in the end. So, if you are down sick, lay back and try to get better.

Go out more

Don’t get used to staying indoors days on end – it can become an unhealthy habit known as “nature deficit disorder.” Quality time spent in communing with nature makes us healthier, more cheerful, optimistic and even more creative!

Home fighting aggravates your heart condition

The burning desire to prove that you are in the right can get back at you, as emerges from a recent research. As you get heated and get sparring, be aware that you may increase your coronary artery calcification, meaning arteries get hardened making blood flow to the heart more laborious. Is it really worth your while? Learn ways to avoid bickering.

It’s not your duty to be logged on always

You don’t have to be there at any time for your online friends. On the contrary, studies discovered links between frequent use of digital devices for social contacts and such problems as poor sleep, higher stress level and weakened physical fitness. So, do yourself a favor and log off when you have no definite need to stay in touch.

Get a good long rest at night

Enjoy your night’s sleep to the full and feel fresh in the morning. Doing it regularly you avoid collecting a number of health issues and remain happy, bright and productive throughout the day.

Don’t be hard on yourself when you stray away

It’s pointless to try and remain perfect all along the line. You are bound to slip up some time or other. Be more condescending to yourself, and build up your mental wellbeing instead of undermining it by getting down on yourself for trifles.