The Good Side of Depression in Women


The most common associations which usually arise every time we mention depression is sadness, apathy, anxiety, and even mental illness. It turns out, however, that depression can affect a person’s life (especially that of women) and has not only negative, but significant positive influence as well. In particular, it has been proved that women reach success in their career when they are depressed.

Depressed woman

During the experiment, the team of specialists including Professor Bettina von Gelverzena from the University of Basel and Dr. Gabriele Schmidt from the Technical University of Munich observed the female patients of the corresponding rehabilitation clinics, as well as the girls who showed no signs of depression. All the participants of the experiment were invited to play a computer game in which they could make money by hiring opponents who were chosen from among several candidates.

According to the scientists, this game simulates standard situations, such as the choice of different products in a supermarket, choosing a suitable partner for a romantic relationship etc. As it finally turned out, the women who had depression in the course of the game made much better decisions than those participants who did not experience any emotional disorders. According to the experts, this is because of the fact that the ladies were more likely to consider and analyze various options in the state of depression.

Source of the image: Photl.