Fresh Blood to Rejuvenate the Heart


Fresh blood helps fight the thickening of the heart that happens with age.

Artificial blood to be created by scientists

American scientists have discovered a protein that alters the aging process of the heart muscle. They used some fresh blood to rejuvenate the heart, which is aging. According to professor at Harvard Medical School Richard Lee, he and his colleagues will determine whether this discovery can make the treatment of heart failure in the elderly people more efficient.

During the experiment, the scientists injected the blood of young mice to older ones and vice versa. At the end of the month, the state and cardiac function in senior rodents began to resemble the behavior of the heart muscle in the younger generation.

After that, the experts tried to find the fresh blood component, which had a rejuvenating effect. It turned out to be the GDF-11 hormone. With age, the level of this hormone decreases, and its introduction with fresh blood helps to make the aging heart younger. Now, the scientists are going to find out whether the GDF-11 hormone has any anti-aging effect on other organs and tissues of the body.