Fall Depression


Fall DepressionFall depression is a common problem that occurs because we want summer to go on. It seems impossible not to be sad when all “warm” pleasures have gone. It may seem, there’s nothing that can help you get rid of the sadness, but there are actually some ways to fight your fall depression.

More Action

You have to keep yourself busy to prevent seasonal depression. Meet with your friends, read books, go to theatres and movies. Simply, do what you like, because you never have enough spare time to do these things in summer.

Dieting in Fall

It should be taken for granted that we want to eat more fatty and nourishing foods in cold season. Do not exhaust yourself with strict diets.

Autumn Walks

If it happens to be a warm autumn day, forget about your daily concerns and walk. Take any opportunity to be in the sun.

Sleep More in Autumn

If you feel drowsiness, physicians recommend that we indulge ourselves in the rest-hour, or 10-15 minutes nap during the day. That would help to recover quickly.

Have Some Tea

You have to find your personal way to get yourself active. For example, you can choose a stimulating tea or drink herbal brews.

Keep eating vegetables and fruit in autumn to get as much vitamins as you can.

Bad Weather Can be Nice

Try not to take bad weather close to heart. Fall is a gorgeous season inspiring many creative personalities. And you can be as creative the coming fall!


  1. It never occured to me that Fall would bring on the ‘blues’ to others, but I can understand.
    I have to say, however, that Fall is my most favorite season of the Year. I love the cooler days and chilly nights as it brings my loved ones closer, quiet literally. I enjoy the conversations and laughter of my family and friends in the kitchen or in front of the fireplace as we share a ‘comfort’ meal. Home just feels more ‘homey’…a place of welcome, comfort and shelter in the Fall than in the Summer when everyone is rushing out to do summertime activities.
    I love the color changes in some of our trees ( I live in central CA so we don’t have a full on explosion of color like the East, but it’s beautiful none the less), the difference in the air is noticeable and the sunlight on the ocean and mountains seems to have a softer, more golden tone through the day.
    I also do a lot more reading and writing accomplished in the Fall. Maybe I’ll see if I can squeeze in some sketching this year…:)

  2. As for me, fall has always been a “blues” season making me passive, sad and unable to work effectively – mostly due to the rainy weather (it rains a lot in fall here). I could even call it fall depression. So, I always wanted to find a remedy for it. Now I know for sure, what helps against this bad mood in fall – playing badminton, going shopping and good tasty food – at least, this works for me. Does anyone else have any tips how to cope with the “fall blues”?

  3. Psykoterapi är väldigt bra att genomgå om man lider av depression, jag och några vänner till mig har själv prövat det och fått bra resultat. Men med en dålig teraput så kan allting gå fel, så var noga med att välja en bra.

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