Cup of Expresso Hazardous For Heart


Drinking espresso to boost your energy? You have to be aware then that just one cup of espresso reduces the blood flow to your heart by 22 percent during one hour after you have it. New research by the University of Palermo, Italy, confirmed that large amount of caffeine does hurt cardiovascular system.


One cup of expresso (30 ml) contains 107 mg of caffeine, while one cup of instant coffee – 75 mg. One cup of filter coffee is even richer in caffeine – 120 mg. Doctors do not recommend drinking more than 5 cups of espresso a day but they do agree that different people have different caffeine sensitivity. It is now unclear whether the high level of antioxidants in coffee counterbalances the unhealthy effect of this beverage on the heart and blood vessels. Previous studies showed regular coffee consumption lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and gullet cancer.

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