Dried Fruits Are Healthy Alternative to Sweets


Our urge for sweets pretty often propels us to the extremes like splashing money on candies and cakes which is always followed by bitter feelings of regret. What can we do to escape the pricks of conscience as we succumb to the urge?
Dried Fruits

Sugar in Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are a “quite harbor” for sweet tooth persons. Dried fruits could become a great substitute for sweets because they are high on carbohydrates (fructose, sucrose, and glucose) while providing twice as less calories than sugar. Fructose (fruit sugar) in dried fruits is “packed” into dietary fiber so that it stays in the body only in limited quantities, which prevents the small intestine from absorbing more sugar and cholesterol than needed and doesn’t increase insulin levels as all the sweets basically do.

Why Dried Fruits Are Good for You

Apart from being a substantial alternative to sweets, dried fruits provide a host of other not a bit less valuable advantages. First, they are absolutely natural and free of food colorings, emulsifiers, preservatives, nitrites, and other chemicals. Technically, they are fresh fruits devoid of water.

Fresh and Dried Fruits

Health Benefits of Dried Fruits

Second, dried fruits are exuberant suppliers of valuable microclimates and healthy nutrients. They contain calcium (strengthens nails and hair, makes your complexion look better), magnesium (regulates blood pressure), potassium (improves cardiovascular system and reduces swellings), natrium and iron (support hemoglobin levels), dietary fiber and pectin (normalize digestion).

Handful of dried apricot and raisings provide daily intake of potassium, 50 g of dried cherries – of vitamin B6 and magnesium. Eat a few of prunes, figs or dates and say goodbye to digestive disorders. Dietary fiber in them helps restore the proper function of digestive system.

Just make sure you stop where you need to. Dried fruits fall into concentrated foods category so you have to be moderate on them.

Storing Dried Fruits

Another indisputable advantage of dried fruits is that they store at room temperature for a long time and preserve their health benefits during the period of one year.

Source of the image: jenyu.net, claytonguiltner.wordpress.com.


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