Daily Time Spent Sitting Comes to 14 Plus Hours for Britons


When the time Brits spend sitting has been calculated it amounted to 14 hours and 39 minutes for each day! This awesome figure came up as the result of a poll involving 3,000 adult Britishers.

Computer, woman

If it may seem incredible, it’s only at the first glance, for when we start to ponder about the things that keep us sitting – including reading this article!- we will find them numerous.

Adults whose day consists of commuting to work, working away at the office desk and indulging in playing on the computer or watching TV in the evenings find themselves with little chance to employ their legs properly.

The research came up with the average time spent at desks (4 hours and 17 minutes), on the driver’s seat in the car (an hour and 41 minutes) and sitting down in public transport (52 minutes).

Using a home computer or a laptop eats up two hours and 23 minutes more. The television demands its daily toll of two hours and 27 minutes, winning only 4 minutes over computers (clearly not so for many of us!)

Computer games make a separate entry of 54 minutes.

Eating consumes 33 minutes of sitting, and if some of us may eat on the go, we hardly read without sitting down first, so it’s another hour and 10 minutes for those who are fond of their book in the evenings.

This research was carried out by Weight Watchers UK, whose spokesperson stressed the role of recession in having people sitting more than they had before – which leaves less time to be spent on exercising. In the comments this state of things was called «a health bomb waiting to happen.”

The time British adults spend on exercising that made 50 minutes a week remains grossly inadequate for ensuring a healthy living.

Source of the image: Photl.com.