Chicken Soup Helps Treat Infection


American scientists have found out that chicken soup can treat common cold infection. In chicken soup, they have found a substance called carnosine, which helps fight the infection at an early stage. However, it should always be in the body, as The Epoch Times informs.

Woman, cold

More than ten years ago, Dr. Stephen Rennard spoke about the healing properties of chicken soup: he proved that this soup could slow down the movement of neutrophils and reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. The scientists from the University of Nebraska have conducted an experiment on human volunteers suffering from a cold. Some of them drank cold water, others were given hot water, whereas the third group was treated with chicken soup.

It is known that hot liquid speeds up mucus during a cold, and it clears the airways, but chicken soup performs this task in a better way than hot water. It not only cleanses the respiratory tract, but also stimulates the defense mechanism in the nose, and it does not let the infection get inside the body. In addition, the soup contains a lot of nutrients that inhibit inflammation.