Check if You Have Signs of Skin Cancer


Cancer is a scary word; it is unlikely that someone can stay calm when it comes to this disease. Most doctors advice everyone to pay attention to cancer prevention measurements. One of the key approaches is to detect the disease at an early stage of its development, when the treatments are still effective.

Check if You Have Signs of Skin Cancer

Doctors around the world urge us to regularly inspect our skin, since such a simple preventive measure significantly reduces the chances of cancer disaster. What should we pay attention to in the first place? Here are some advises:

Mole Asymmetry

Moles should have regular shape. Any visible change to this parameter is a sign that it is time to see a doctor.

Smooth Edges of Moles

The edges on the moles should be smooth and remain unchanged over the years, even in cases of swelling. A torn or floated edge is a sign that you should pay attention to the health of your skin.

Mole Color

Color of your moles should remain unchanged and reflect your color type. In other words, people with red hair should have lighter moles, while brunettes should have darker ones. The moles should have even and unchanging color. Any deviations from this feature of moles should alert you.

Mole Diameter

The larger the diameter of the moles – the higher the risk. Particular danger arises when moles grow in diameter larger than 6 mm – this is a serious warning sign to immediately see a specialist.

New Moles

See a doctor as soon as you notice that new moles are appearing on your body!

Risk Groups

People with very pale skin or freckles should pay particular attention to moles, as well as those who have skin carcinoma patients in their family.

New Sensations

It is a bad sign when a mole starts to itch, becomes more solid, flakes, or even is bleeding. No need to panic as those may be absolutely harmless signs, yet it is better to verify this with a doctor.

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