Candida Diet


Sometimes the medicines, prescribed by your doctor, are not enough when one needs to cure candidiasis. In case of the disease, it is important to choose the right food and give up smoking.


Foods to Avoid during Candida

The following are the list of foods which should be avoided during candida:

  • Fungus Candida is a yeast fungus, and it loves sugar, which means that sweet dishes in your diet create a favorable environment for the rapid reproduction of the fungus, so you should limit the use of some sweet products, sugar, pastries, muffins and honey.
  • The spread of the candida fungus is facilitated by vinegar and various alcoholic beverages, so you should avoid these foods and drinks.
  • One should limit the use of such products as mayonnaise, ketchup, and soy sauce because they contain vinegar. Also, one should avoid mustard.
  • Moreover, one should not eat fatty foods and mushrooms, drink caffeine and carbonated beverages, eat yeast food and too sweet, spicy and hot dishes, cakes, chocolate, ice cream and candies.
  • Meat, canned and pickled dishes are not desirable as well. The best thing would be to completely eliminate alcoholic drinks from your diet, especially beer. Tea and coffee are not allowed.
  • Limiting the consumption of these foods, one will literally get closer to full recovery from candidiasis.

Cup of Coffee

Foods to Eat When Suffering from Yeast Infection

But avoiding harmful food is not enough to cure candida infection. The woman suffering from it should add the following foods to her diet:

  • During the period of candidiasis, the diet must contain steamed and fresh vegetables, chicken, fish, not too sweet fruit, various legumes and cereals.
  • Cranberries and lemons can reduce the amount of fungus in the body, which is why it is very important to use these products in sufficient quantities.
  • Seaweed and carrot juice can create an unfavorable environment for the Candida fungus.
  • The fungus does not like spices, such as cinnamon, cloves and bay leaf, so try to increase the use of these spices during an aggravation of the disease, and eat a lot of garlic.
  • In case of candidiasis, you will find tea with chamomile, clover, plantain, and alfalfa very helpful.
  • Candida fungus often develops in case of hypothermia and cold or after taking antibiotics, so the presence of garlic and lemon in your diet will not only help get rid of the fungus, but will also strengthen your body on the whole and will be an excellent way to prevent various colds.
  • The fungus does not like vegetables, such as beets, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, parsley and dill, and fruit – green apples and plums.
  • Remember to drink natural yogurt, eat boiled liver, kidney, and seafood. Eggs, bread, olive oil and flax seed oil, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are also very useful. Eat large amounts of blueberries, cranberries, and sea buckthorn.
  • Diversify your drinks: choose different teas with the fruits of mountain ash, rose, hawthorn, dry carrots herb, oregano leaves, burdock roots and black currant berries. Tea of this kind is very useful at all stages of candidiasis.


Candidiasis as a Diabetes Symptom

Please note that candidiasis very often is a symptom of latent diabetes mellitus. In that case you do not need to treat yeast infection with a diet. It is advisable to go through a full examination conducted by a qualified physician.

Stick ​​to the Diet Even After Candida Is Cured

Having cured candididasis, one should reduce the amount of these foods. It is particularly correct about the products, such as sugar and all products containing it, as well as foods that are rich in chemical additives. In spring and winter, of course, the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables is observed, so it is recommended to take multivitamin medications. To restore the microflora, the doctor also may prescribe probiotics.

Fresh salad

Candida Relapse Prevention

Remember that diet during candidiasis is very, very important because it can help you get rid of this nasty disease. Indeed, some drugs do not allow you to completely get rid of this Candida fungus. Fungi can form islands in the multilayer epithelium and breed there freely, which may cause the disease again. But with the help of proper nutrition, the intestines will improve, and the fungi will not be able to reproduce as actively as before. It gives a great opportunity to cure candidiasis forever. But this diet is aimed specifically at improving the intestinal flora.

Do not give up, and you will win your battle against candidiasis.