Do You Brush Your Teeth the Right Way?


According to the WHO experts, if everyone brushed the teeth properly, dental caries as a disease would disappear in a matter of a generation or two. So how should you clean your teeth properly?

Woman Brushing Her Teeth

It is recommended that each half of the jaw should be divided into three parts: the large molars, small indigenous teeth, canines and incisors. The brush pressure from the gum to the chewing or cutting tooth surface should remain soft. In case of excessive pressure, one can damage the epithelium of the gingiva.

  1.  Rinse your mouth with warm water before brushing the teeth to remove mucus.
  2. Put the brush on the left of the vestibular surface of the molars of the mandibular jaw parallel to the vertical axis of the teeth
  3. Make 10 short movements back and forth on the border of the gums and the neck of the tooth, repeat the movements on the right and then on the left.
  4. Turn the brush at the angle of 45 degrees to the vertical axis of the tooth, clean the vestibular surface and then the inner surface of each quadrant, keeping the angle between the brush bristles and the edge of the gums.
  5. Brush the chewing surface with short movements.
  6. When the angle of the brush between the gum and the free edge is 45 degrees, brush the vestibular surface of the lower incisors and canines with sweeping movements.
  7. The surface of the tongue should be cleaned with short rasping movements.
  8. The teeth of the upper jaw should be cleaned similarly.