Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet. Foods and Skin


Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet. Foods and SkinYou already know from the article “Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet”, how important it is to eat a healthy diet to stop the aging processes of your skin and body, what healthy diet habits one should develop to rejuvenate the skin and look younger. Knowing, what kinds of food your skin “likes” and “dislikes” is important, if you take care of your beauty.

The Products Loved by Your Skin

The following products have rejuvenating abilities.

  • Milk and diary products (not the non-fat ones).
  • Eggs – they contain all the vitamins, except the vitamin C.
  • A salad made with fresh cabbage and oranges is great at cleansing and supplying vitamins to your body.
  • Apple-based fasting days: this improves the bowels function.
Foods improving the work of the bowels help the skin as well.

Vegetarianism Has No Effect on Skin

When your diet is well balanced in terms of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, you will have great skin and feel great as well. If the diet is not well-balanced, you will not look grand regardless of the fact whether you eat or do not eat meat.

The Products Your Skin Hates

Your skin doesn’t like, when you are on protein diets (such as Atkins diet): kidneys have to work extra hard so that the skin has to come forward and help them out (our skin is the second in line excretion organ after the kidneys). This leads to the skin becoming more vulnerable, hence new skin problems may emerge.

The products that are bad for your skin also include:

  • onion and garlic,
  • smoked foods and sausages,
  • spicy seasoning and spices.