Anti-Aging Drink Created by NASA


Even while you are reading this you are getting older, giving in to a process that is not to be turned back. Time is passing by leaving its traces on our faces and thus causing eternal consternation. Naturally, we cannot halt time; as to its traces, there are ways to delay their appearance or even obliterate them. And though a great many of these ways are apt to be make-believe ones rather than clinically tested, here is one good anti-aging cure that has all the power of the modern science behind it.

Anti-Aging Drink by NASA

It’s NASA that hit upon the so much anticipated cure. Originally they created the AS10 drink supplement with the aim of protecting astronauts from solar radiation, but when a research team from the University of Utah got around to studying its properties, they discovered that their test subjects sported noticeably fewer wrinkles and dark blemishes than could be expected. The analysis showed 17% wrinkle reduction and 30% blemish reduction as a result of a stronger protection from UV radiation.

The scientists believe that this supplement is just what our beauty care industry needs most. The “astronauts’ drink” is a concoction of exotic fruits like cupuacu fruit, acai, yumberry, acerola, prickly pear, more common fruits like grape and pomegranate and plant derivatives – all natural stuff teeming with so many antioxidants and phytochemicals that radiation can hardly get through.

NASA’s AS10 drink supplement can be found in health stores over the country as well as bought online. It comes in 25 ounce bottles sold for around $50, to be used for from 10 days to 2 weeks.