Anorexia Is Linked to Refusal of Changes


American researchers have published a new report on anorexia in the journal The Psychological Science. According to the report, anorexia is not simply a loss of appetite due to physiological issues but a tendency to refuse changes. It was confirmed by brain scans of thirty women who involved in the study.


They were divided into two groups. One group included women with normal appetite, while the other contained anorexic women. The researchers used magnetic resonance tomography to detect most active brain areas, while the women were passing the test to reveal their ability to control their own behavior.

They were asked to arrange geometry figures in pairs using different patterns. The study authors found that anorexic women were more likely to choose most regular patterns compared to their non-anorexic peers and avoided alternative options.

Brain scans revealed anorexic women had sluggish activity in the so-called interbrain zone that is responsible for our behavior when we encounter changes.

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