Anime Contact Lenses Cause Eye Health Damage


These trendy contact lenses providing the person with the “anime eyes” effect should become one of the hottest beauty trends in 2015. However, doctors warn that wearing these lenses is dangerous to health.


Round contact lenses cover part of the eye sclera, so the pupils seem larger. This creates the effect of unnaturally wide eyes, which is commonly found in Japanese anime cartoon characters and drawings.

Of course, this original distinctive feature was first very popular in Japan, wherefrom the trend moved to Singapore and South Korea. In 2010, the fashion contact lenses got to the US and began to spread rapidly among girls.

As experts predict, in 2015 such lenses will gain immense popularity in many countries around the world. Meanwhile, their use is not licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other similar regulatory authorities in different countries.


FDA representative Karen Riley told the New York Times that the users of such lenses faced the risk of significant eye injuries and even blindness if they continued to buy the product without a prescription or without consultation with experts.

But, apparently, a significant number of people are willing to take some risks in order to gain some features of appearance that will distinguish them from the crowd. That is why the lenses are sold on the Internet with increasing demand. Not only the Japanese, but people from different countries and continents want to have “anime eyes” today.