Aging Signs


For some, aging is a state of mind, and for others – the betrayal of the body, which does not cope with the same load anymore. Experts have identified several key symptoms, which make it possible to determine that a person is faced with real aging.


Long teeth

With age, gum tissue recedes ever lower, exposing the bottom of the teeth. This process begins somewhere near 40. Gum diseases worsen the situation and make the problem more visible.

Changes in the voice

Aging affects the person’s voice, and the man begins to sound higher, and the woman – lower. Like all the other muscles of the body, vocal cords become weak with age. The cartilage that helps to produce sounds, becomes less elastic.

Weight gain

Since the age of 50, we steadily put on 1-2 kg each year. This is caused by a slow metabolism.

Frequent sneezing

Most middle-aged people develop allergic rhinitis, usually in the period from 45 to 65. The immune system weakens, which is a sign of aging.

More moles

By 40, the body starts a process known as seborrheic keratosis. Harmless new growths on the skin, such as new moles, appear.

Waking up at Night

With age, people often begin to wake up at night with headaches. Their exact cause is unknown.

Easier intoxication

Resistance to alcohol decreases with age. And we get drunk from fewer shots.

Tips on how to slow down aging

By the way, we can delay aging for several years with the help of simple tricks. For example, it is not recommended to drink liquids through a straw, so that we do not develop noticeable wrinkles at the corners of the mouth. Choose only high quality silk pillow cases, because your face rests on them for 7-8 hours a day. Avoid fatty foods, rarely work with laptops (usually they are on our knees, and we look down, bowing our head) and try to swim in natural bodies of water, not in the pools – bleach washes away body sebum leaving the skin dehydrated.