5 Main Causes of Heart Disease


Among the diseases that lead to a person’s death, cardiovascular diseases are in the first place. Doctors are convinced that if people knew more about the nature of these diseases, the death rate from heart attacks could be reduced at least three times.


High Blood Pressure

New York cardiologists compiled a list of factors that contribute to the development of heart disease. According it, the main enemy of the heart is increased pressure (hypertension). Every second case of death from heart attack occurs because of pressure leaps. Those who suffer from high blood pressure need to check the heart at least three times a year, the cardiologists are convinced .

High Blood Cholesterol Levels

High blood cholesterol is the second reason for heart attacks. In most cases, high cholesterol goes hand in hand with the increased pressure. High cholesterol triggers the formation of plaques in blood vessels that disrupt the normal blood supply to the body and lead to heart failure. Keeping cholesterol under control is possible only by means of proper nutrition.

Age & Gender

A person’s age is another risk factor: after 65, the probability of heart disease increases dramatically. At least once a year you should undergo a medical examination. Also important is the gender. Heart disease mostly attack men than women.

Heredity & Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases and genetic predisposition. If a person suffers from diabetes and obesity, or someone in his family had a heart attack, he or she automatically becomes a potential victim of heart attack. The attending physician must be aware of these circumstances.

Way of Life & Hygiene

Lifestyle and personal hygiene is also a risk factor for the heart, but unlike the previous reasons, they are completely controlled by a person. Careless lifestyle and neglecting personal hygiene would significantly increase the chances of a heart attack. Especially in case of inactivity, smoking, alcohol abuse, neglect of hand washing and oral health.