3 Acne Myths Busted


Acne is not just a cosmetic defect. There are a few mistakes regarding acne which are sitting firmly in the minds of many of us. Let’s disprove them!

Woman's face

1st Acne Myth: Dirt Causes Acne

If you do not wash for weeks, there may be something worse than acne. But one should not be zealous in this respect, it is not necessary. It is quite sufficient to wash the face twice a day. Excessive use of soaps and lotions dries the skin and lowers its resistance to infection.

2nd Acne Myth: Fat and Sweet Foods Lead to Acne

None of the scientific studies has shown a kind of relationship between the occurrence of acne and eating certain foods. Obese people have acne not more frequently than the lean people. In other words, fats which are absorbed by people do not manifest themselves as acne on the skin.

3rd Acne Myth: Ultraviolet Makes Acne Disappear?

The sun makes the skin thicker, and black acne get dried which makes them less noticeable. When the tan disappears, the acne will come back again. The same concerns the solarium.

Treating acne with lotions and ointments is useless. Signals in the form of acne can be sent by the unhealthy stomach, by the weakened immune system, and the endocrine glands. An experienced cosmetologist will certainly advise you to be examined by a gynecologist or andrologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, or immunologist.

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